August 2014 - Architectural Accolades

August 2014 - Architectural Accolades
August 2014 - Architectural Accolades

The Canterbury located buildings were both designed by Jason Walker of Weir Walker Architecture. Kirk Roberts has been working intensively with WeirWalker over the past 6 years and the business relationships has led to more than 25 commercial and residential buildings being completed or on the drawing boards.

According to Jason the greatest benefit of working with Kirk Roberts is the ability to integrate engineering with the design process and brainstorm the best and most innovative outcome possible.

“ We get to a point where sitting down with Jade and the team and going over the designs becomes a really exciting collaborative stage. Its in these sessions that we really push the design thinking with the knowledge that we have the best engineering behind us to back us up.”

The judges comments for the 582 sq m Ready Mix Concrete head office building in Belfast were:

‘A bold sculptural composition for a precast concrete company, this building cleverly showcases the potential of the product.’


The dramatic cantilevered roof line is highlighted by a vertical expanse of  industrial grade glass soaring 8 metres  and sheeting light into the driver amenity and cafeteria area at the north of the building.

The design impact of this was achieved by hiding the load bearing steel posts behind the window mullions in an engineering move to preserve the architects vision of an oversize glass façade.


The Riccarton Road retail shop development was described by judges as  ‘An elegantly comprised building for an everyday row of shops in a suburban context. If only more main streets were like this.’

Kirk Roberts undertook the full structural design of the 746sqm Riccarton Road shop building including the geotechnical report. The retail shop front required the main bracing element to be provided by a precast concrete shear wall at the rear of the building.

The steel folded canopy along the pavement was an additional structure designed to create street appeal while protecting pedestrians from the weather as they entered and exited the retail premises.

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