July - Fonterra’s New Pahiatua Drystore Designed by Kirk Roberts

July 2015 - Fonterra’s New Pahiatua Drystore Designed by Kirk Roberts

Kirk Roberts is the lead engineer for the design and construction of Fonterra’s purpose built 20,000sqm storage and distribution centre.

The drystore is incorporated within the $235 million redevelopment of the company’s Pahiatua Dairy factory.

The facility is designed using a lightweight structural steel frame with ductile links which are used as the structural ‘fuse’ in the seismic system. In the event of an earthquake seismic energy is concentrated into these links and is safely dissipated. This allows an overall reduction in the amount of steel used elsewhere in the structure.

The roof trusses are 3m deep with spans of up to 40m ultimately creating a roof the size of three rugby fields..  The post-tensioned concrete floor slab overcomes the need for expansion joints but necessitated the pre-cast dado walls to have access holes for the steel post-tensioning tendons.

From the time milk is unloaded from a tanker into one of the plant silos for cooling it can be processed and bagged as powder in as little as 20 minutes. From there one of four automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) will transport the product down a 250 metre long passage leading to the drystore.

The new factory will be able to process an additional 2.4 million litres of milk each day and will increase production by 85,000 tonnes to around total production of 140,000 tonnes of whole milk powder. Nearly all of the factory’s whole milk powder production will be sent by train direct to port, mainly Tauranga.

July - Fonterra’s New Pahiatua Drystore Designed by Kirk Roberts

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