July - Kirk Roberts Captures Skellerup Construction Progress - by Drone

July 2015 - Kirk Roberts Captures Skellerup Construction Progress - by Drone

An air traffic control approved drone brought the scale of the new Skellerup facility to life as it captured construction activity at the site of the new dairy rubberware development and manufacturing plant , which is located  at Wigram Business Park, Christchurch.

Kirk Roberts are the lead design engineers to Calder Stewart Industries who are  contracted to design and build the facility which has an 18,900sqm footprint and a build value of approximately $30m. The drone filmed at an altitude of between 80 to 100 metres as the scope of the significant site works and build was recorded.   

The complex structure includes two plant platforms that will each weigh 140T when completed. To improve construction efficiency each platform was partially constructed  at ground level with a third of the final concrete depth poured as permanent formwork. The final platforms include 38 tonnes of steel and precast concrete.

The project centres around the relocation and consolidation of Skellerup’s existing Woolston facility along with the installation and commissioning of new equipment that features a new 100 tonne three-storey high automated state-of-the-art rubber mixer.

Skellerup has dedicated teams overseeing the project, with resources split between design and the construction process at Wigram Business Park and the logistics of the shift, installation and commissioning. The layout and plant construction has been purpose-built to optimise very unique manufacturing operation of Skellerup.

The construction work includes an industrial hall that will incorporate two rubber mixing lines. The second part of the construction is the moulding hall which will house specialist injection moulding equipment for producing food-grade dairy rubber products.

Throughout the design process specific emphasis had to be given to ensuring access to plant and equipment for periodic maintenance and inspection.

July - Kirk Roberts Captures Skellerup Construction Progress - by Drone

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