Nov 2014 - Brother International Builds Capacity

Nov 2014 - Brother International Builds Capacity

For more than a century, Brother International has won recognition as a brand synonymous with delivering innovation and customer satisfaction.

Its no wonder then that Kirk Roberts, with their corresponding track record in innovation and customer satisfaction, was contracted to provide structural engineering services for Brother International's impressive new and about to be launched warehouse and modern New Zealand head office.

According to Kirk Roberts director Damian McMillan "its positive to see this scale of investment in the local economy as it lifts business confidence and attracts other companies to explore the regions."

The substantial 5, 918 sqm footprint of the purpose built 7.5m high tilt panel facility is all about new capacity and economies of scale. The building also incorporates a 645 sqm 2-storey office building.

Strategically located south of the Bombay Hills, Brother International now benefits from an easy-to-access port for efficient transport logistics, a ready workforce bouyed by a plentiful supply of housing stock and good roading networks.

Kirk Roberts also undertook site civil works.

Nov 2014 - Brother International Builds Capacity

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